The Manor Story

In 1977 Noel Noonan founded what was to become a highly successful nationwide business which he subsequently sold in 2008.  Originally from Limerick Noel maintains it was his wife Kitty (Kate), a well-known landscape artist and east Galway woman, who introduced him to what is now his favourite corner of the world, Connemara. 

In 2002, they moved to Ardbear, Clifden where they lovingly renovated and restored the early 1820's Salt Lake Manor and stables. It was then that 'Manor Connemara Ponies' was established.

What started out as a retirement 'Hobby' for Noel, soon took a serious hold and by utilising the same principals of "Quality over Quantity" which he applied to the successful running of his company down the years, he now applies to breeding Connemara Ponies.  He is very strongly committed to breeding from the oldest and strongest of bloodlines, producing winning show and performance stock, from the highest quality brood mares.

'Manor Connemara Ponies' has become a familiar name on the show circuit both in Ireland and the United Kingdom, thanks to the high quality ponies that call Manor their home, ponies such as Rosscon Windy Lady and HOYS and Olympia winner 'Banks Vanilla'. Along with Manor Duke who very successfully competed on the UK showing scene during 2015/16.

The Manor stable yard and arena is nestled amidst some of the most stunning views of Connemara's mountains, lakes and seascapes.  To the rear by Ardbear bay, you can still see the remains of what was once Clifden Harbour and to the front the magnificent backdrop of the Twelve Bens Mountains and the tranquil expanse of Salt Lake, which is divided from the bay by what is known as an early Alexander Nimmo stone bridge.

Here at Manor we are happy to talk to anyone interested in the Connemara Pony Breed and also provide the opportunity to view our ponies in their natural environment grazing contentedly by lakeshore and seashore here in Ardbear.

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